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FREE calculator to know the cost price of a dish

meal cost price

Free, price calculator for a dish

How to calculate the cost price of a dish, or a meal for free ?

How much is the preparation of a dish, a recipe, a menu or a complete meal ?

Software, program, gratis to calculate cost prices for a dish or a meal, for free

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We propose to calculate for free, the cost price of a dish or a complete meal simmered with Love.

You cook every day to feed and feed your little family.

But how much does it cost ?

Our interactive and free calculator will let you discover figures you may not know. This calculator calculates the cost price of each ingredients that make up your dish or a complete meal, and allows to know the real price of a dish, a cake, a recipe, taking into account the cost of The energy expended for its preparation, whether you are equipped with gas, electricity, vitro ceramic, or induction plate. This interactive utility also takes into account the usual little details, namely condiments, spices, water and the oil needed for a dish. The calculator also allows you to calculate the cost price of a dish, a meal, a recipe or a menu, by people at the table.

This calculator also makes it possible to convert the packaging of the liquids used to make your meal, such as wine, milk, cider, or other, in order to know the price per liter.

IMPORTANT: Use the dot and not the comma for your numbers with decimals in the interactive calculator.

Explanation: This free and interactive calculator allows you to know precisely the cost of a dish, a recipe, or a complete menu.

Manual :

1) Indicate the name of your delicious little dish.

2) Indicate the number of people sharing your dish or meal. ( not required )

3) indicate the cooking time. This allows the calculator to estimate the price of energy consumption for cooking your dish.

Calculator :

Purchase price per kilogram: when purchasing, please note the price per kilo of the ingredients you buy. In this column, enter only the price per kilo of your ingredients, so that the calculations are accurate.

Price per liter: It is not always easy to know the price per liter of your liquids used in cooking, because the packaging changes according to the products. Also we thought about putting a volume converter price for your liquid products, at the bottom of the calculator. Use it to know the price per liter, if you have liquid ingredients in your culinary preparation. In this column, enter only the price per liter.

Unit purchase price: This box is necessary if you use in your recipe, for example 1 lemon or its juice, or any other ingredients that can be bought in the unit. In this example of lemon, indicate in the box, the price of a lemon. In the particular case of eggs, take the price of the box, divide it by the number of eggs in the box, you have the price per unit, you just have to write the number of eggs Used. In this column, enter only the unit price.

Attention: For an ingredient, there can be only one box with a price. OR it's a price per kilo, Or it's a price per liter, OR, it's a unit price. If two boxes contain a price for the same ingredient, the calculation indicates "error". Please correct.

Quantity used: This box has multiple possible entries.

- If you have a price per kilo, enter the amount used for your recipe expressed in GRAMS.
For example, enter the number 500, for 500 grams of beef.

- If you have a price per liter, enter the quantity used for your recipe expressed in MILLIONS. For example, enter the number 500 for half a liter of red wine. A bottle of cider that displays 75 centiliter equals 750 milliliters. One liter equals 1000 milliliters.

- If you have a unit price enter the number of units used to make your dish. For example, if you use 3 avocados purchased per piece, enter the number 3

And even ?

If the calculation does not happen? It is that you have expressed your numbers with a comma and not with a point for the decimals. Enter your numbers with a dot if they contain decimals and everything will return in order.

Refresh your page to make a new calculation.

What what else ?

With this calculator you can of course calculate the cost price of a recipe of a pizza, a cake of which you have the secret, but you can also calculate the cost price of a meal or a complete menu ! All you have to do is add all the ingredients, their purchase prices and the quantity used for your full meal, from the start to the dessert.

In summary, this interactive gourmet special calculator is used to accurately estimate the cost price of any dish, sandwich, pizza, bouillabaisse, simple fried steak To the most sophisticated dishes.

It will do you good service, whether you are in charge of preparing meals in the family, whether you are a catering professional and you are looking to evaluate the profitability of a dish, whether you are responsible for catering or, That you want to know, how much each guest has to pay, as part of a shared-cost meal.

Experiment at home, eg estimate the cost of food per day of your household, by counting the three daily meals. Enter the digits in the interactive calculator. Surprises guaranteed! It also allows for a budget.

At the same time, this free interactive tool allows you to know only the price of energy used to cook, whether you are equipped with a stove or a gas oven, electricity, a ceramic hob, Or an induction plate. It is sufficient to indicate to the software the cooking time only. For this evaluation we have made an average per minute, of all forms of cooking, regardless of packages and taxes.



super toinette.com

One teaspoon (equivalent to) is equivalent to:

0.5 cl of liquid or 5 ml
5 g salt, sugar or butter
4 g flour, oil or semolina
3 g ground pepper, cocoa, starch, icing sugar or cornstarch

One tablespoon is equivalent to:

1.5 cl or 15 ml
3 teaspoons
5 gr of oatmeal, tea leaves, shredded cheese.
8 grams of cocoa powder, coffee beans
10 grams of ground coffee, water
12 grams of flour, starch
13 grams of chicory
15 grams of butter, caster sugar, salt,  fresh cream, oil
18 grams of milk and rice
20 grams of crystallized sugar and coarse salt
25 grams of syrup

A lunch cup or an average glass are equivalent to:

20 cl of liquid or 200 cm3 or 200 ml
12 tablespoons
100 gr of flour

A coffee cup or a wine glass are equivalent to:

1 dl or 100 cc or 100 mL
6 tablespoons

A medium bowl is equivalent to:

2.5 dl or 250 cc or 250 mL
250 g

A large bowl is equivalent to:

5dl or 500cc or 500ml
500 g
And: 300g flour - 400g semolina - 470g rice - 450 lentils and dried beans

A bottle of 75 cl contains:

3 large glasses of fruit juice or water
9 champagne glass
6 to 8 glasses of wine
10 glasses aperitif for port
15 to 18 glasses of alcohol or liqueur

Is equivalent to: 750 ml

Equivalences in grams of various culinary terms:

1 knob of butter = 4 g (visible on the spoon)
1 knob of butter = 15 g
1 pinch of salt = 0.3 to 0.5 g
1 egg weighs on average 55 g, of which 20 g of white, 30 g of yellow, (5g = the weight of the shell)

You can put this free calculator in your web site or in your blog

this is the codes to install it

<iframe width="700" height="900" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src="https://onedrive.live.com/embed?resid=D01D4E493CBA7AE9%21208&authkey=%21AE-CiXW4FK9wNMI&em=2&wdAllowInteractivity=False&AllowTyping=True&ActiveCell='calculator%20cost%20price%20for%20dish'!G5&wdHideGridlines=True&wdHideHeaders=True&wdInConfigurator=True"></iframe>


   There is a professional version of this calculator, more efficient, with saving the price of your dishes,

save up to 50 prices, use up to 50 ingredients for your calculations.



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